Decêntraland - Welcome to Decentralând.


We have several exciting project developments to share with you! The whole team has been hard at work, making progress in every corner of Decentraland MANA toolset ranging from new features in the Marketplace to performance boosts in the SDK.

Specifically, we’ll update you on the status of the Agora voting dApp, the Marketplace’s new API, the latest advances in LAND Estates, and the latest round of SDK updates.

Decentraland is incredibly excited to be co-sponsoring the NIFTY Conference in Hong Kong from July 24 to July 26!

We’ll be spending three days with some of the top leaders in Blockchain gaming and NFTs, discussing (and demonstrating) the future of what can be built using blockchain tech in the entertainment and gaming spaces.

We’ll also be hosting a hackathon dedicated to blockchain gaming on the afternoon of the 25th! The prizes amount to $7,000 USD, $3,000 USD, and $1,000 USD for the first, second, and third place projects, respectively. We can’t wait to see what the competitors create.

To get your tickets and to apply to the hackathon, visit nifty.gg. You’ll also find more details about the calendar of events, venue, and introductions for each of the keynote speakers.